We carry the best quality Products in Horse Hoofcare.
Since we back every product we sell, we strive to carry the finest hoofcare products on the market. We are particularly attentive to the quality of the Horse Hoof Nippers we carry.  Farriers, Veterinarians, Trainers and Horse Owners rely on us to have the highest quality products.  

Field Tested by Active Farriers.
Almost every product we carry is field tested for about 1 year by active farriers.  We do this for two reasons:  so we don't invest in a product that will not succeed, and so you don't purchase a product that will fail.  

The field test is  the final step in design and prototype, and upon approval from several farriers in different breeds, regions, and climates......we go to production.  

Samples that come from other manufacturers get field tested by our active team of farriers before we carry the product.

As you know, the hoof nipper and the hoof knife are the primary tools used for horse hoof health. These tools cut, clean and manicure the hoof in preparation for shoes, or simply going barehoof. Be certain to purchase the Hoof Nipper you need for your particular use. 



Global Inventory - High Quality Hoof Nippers.
We carry inventory from around the Globe.  To reiterate, we only carry the finest products in Horse Hoof Health.  Our inventory of Hoof Nippers is no different.  Some are manufactured abroad, but most are made here in the USA.  We have found, Products like our new Anvil Brand Hoof Nippers(drop forged in Wisconsin), to be the most reliable and durable on the market.

GE Forge has set the bar very high, and continues to be the premier hoof nipper on the World Market - today. 

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Books, Charts, Hoof Models
We carry a full line of educational materials including horse hoof models, related books and anatomy charts. 

Hoof Dressings, Coatings, Hoofcare.
We have a full line of hoofcare products including hoof coatings, hoof dressings, Thrush treatments, and more. Including the famous Kevin Bacon's Hoofcare Products line. 

Horse Supplements
We carry a full line of Horse Supplements, including the Kevin Bacons from Belgium.