Anvil Brand Nippers
These are good quality nippers for the Farrier or Horse Professional.  Full Warranty and very durable.  

Standard Polished Nipper
These are clean, very sharp and durable, polished hoof nippers.  This is a moderately priced pair and hold up well.  Field tested by active Farriers for us.  

Mustad Nippers
An Old and reliable name in the hoofcare and farrier industry.  Our friends at Mustad have a nice line of farrier tools and Hoof Nippers for the professional farrier. 

GE FORGE Nippers
These are the highest quality hoof nippers on the market today.  Designed for Hoofcare Professionals.  We carry the full line of GE Forge Nippers. 

Hoof Nippers for your Horse.

Diamond Farrier Hoof Nippers.  

MFC Polished Hoof Nippers

Nordic Forge Viking Farrier Nippers.  Professional Grade.


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